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    Fumao is a export-oriented manufacturer that specializes in plating processing and hardware manufacturing. It was established in 1976 and has passed ISO9001.

    In 2011, the company invested 142 million RMB in a new factory with an area of 33, 334 m2. The new factory is strategically located in the Binghai Industry Zone of Shaoxing County, about 220 kilometers from Shanghai. It started production in 2012 and significantly increased manufacturing capacity of the company. The new factory is equipped with sixteen industrial robots for welding from Panasonic, pipe-cutter, plate shearing machine, and bending machine from Taiwan, as well as variety of instruments for pressing, lathes, planers, millers, grinders. Combining with its four automatic plating lines that can be configured for various hardware products and one auto spray-painted machine from Italy, the factory now has one-stop manufacturing process that integrated hardware and plating process very well. The affiliated plating factory is among the biggest specialty plating factories in China and has started applying modern plating criteria of Europe and North America, by plating free of cyanide and hexavalent chromium.

    The main contractual model for Fumao is OEM. The company can manufacture various products according to the sample or design blueprint per requests from the customers. The leading products include cargo containers, galvanized or spray-painted steel pallet, and miscellaneous hardware products. Products are sold to Japan, Europe and so on.




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